Dialog with Medical Societies

IPCAA is in permanent exchange with Medical Societies

Close exchange and cooperation on various topics e.g. compliance is very important. IPCAA is establishing and facilitating exchange platforms among a diversity of industry stakeholders. Medical societies are a key counterpart to IPCAA.

For many years, since IPCAA’s inception, specific therapeutic disease area-related task forces, have been an important part of the Association’s on-going engagement and interaction with medical societies, congress organisers and other parts of the healthcare industry. The activities of the task forces have developed very close working relationships with many congress organisers and medical societies over a long period of time.

As matters progressed, the need for and the way of interaction has changed, due, it can be said to the success of previous collaboration and consultation.

IPCAA is still maintaining task forces in various desease areas. If you are a healthcare congress stakeholder and need advice and assistance, particularly on topics such as compliance, regulatory issues and other industry perspectives, please reach out to our Secretariat who will put you in touch with the appropriate person.